Who we are

London Leathermen is a leather membership club that has existed since 1973. Our story and rich history can be found [here].

Formal Dinners
Social Events

In bringing London Leathermen to the new age, and setting out our plan for the next 50 years of our history, we felt like we wanted London Leathermen to return to our roots and offer something that’s different from anything else on the scene – enduring fellowship.

Over the last few years, it’s become clear that despite living in a world where Gaydar, Grindr and Recon exist, there is more and more demand for gay men to come together in real life: to hang out in gear, build lasting friendships, and forge a community that can stand the test of time. Twitter won’t remember you when you’re gone; Facebook won’t write you an obituary.

We want a place to gather that we can be proud of, where guys look out for one another and hold one another accountable to a set of ideals long held by the fetish scene.

Those ideals – as simple as they ever were, hold up to scrutiny as well today as they did in 1973 – that we should have a place free of religion or endless discussion of current affairs, a place where good vibes, fellowship and unity flow freely, and being kind is prioritised over being right.

We believe the community is bigger than any one individual.

We make decisions through open discussion and substantial unanimity.

We honour our elders for their experience and hard work; and support our youth to become the best men they can be.

We look for those who aren’t at our table, and invite them in.

We do no harm, but we take no shit.

A club exists to serve its community: to make capacity, to fill the gaps, to organise and arrange and work behind the scenes to bring together that community in a way that benefits everyone – not just for members,: but for the entire kink scene.

If you see the world as we do – consider joining the club and being part of its future!