The Title Triad sign-up

On Saturday 15th October we are glad to host the new TITLE TRIAD at the ROYAL VAUXHALL TAVERN, featuring MISTER LONDON LEATHER, a high energy pageant where you can rock your leather bolero on the catwalk, the return of the historic CHRISTIAN HOFFMAN AWARD for exemplary service to the leather community and we will award the LONDON BOOTBLACK OF THE YEAR for the best display of technical prowess and Michelin-star service from our dedicated bootblacks.

Why are we doing this? Check out our white paper ‘On Titles’

Now pick your title and sign up below!


Sign up for MISTER LONDON LEATHER, a high-energy pageant title in which our contestants will rock the catwalks with the best looks the Leather scene has to offer – from traditional to outrageous!

To compete, you’ll need to show off THREE unique leather looks in your showdown against all those other vapid queens who just don’t understand your genius.

  1. LEATHER LITE: Start us off with your relaxed fit Sunday Social attire. Make it unique, make it eye catching, make it memorable. Show the newbies how to make the simple outfit shine.
  2. FLAG THE HOUSE DOWN: Show off your kinks with hanky code colour and be sure to be conspicuously indiscreet! Buttttttt… keep your packers in their pants, boys!
  3. EXTRA DOESN’T COVER IT: Blow us away! Your most over the top, extravagant, show stopping look. Points will be given for Performance, Intensity, Sensationality and Style!

If YOU want to strut your stuff the catwalk in front of our trio of positively bovine judges, sign up here and get those outfits ready!


THE CHRISTIAN HOFFMAN AWARD is a historic title awarded through the 80’s and 90’s for exemplary service to the leather community. Named for a former president who worked tirelessly during the AIDS epidemic to help his brothers in leather, before his own passing, the award has its feet grounded in our community’s history, and we will award it to the people who have done the most for its future.

If you’d like to nominate someone for the award, please tell us about yourself, about the nominee, what they have done for the leather and kink scene (either in London or where you are in the UK), and how that has affected your personal kink journey as well as the community more broadly. The more detail the better!

If more than one person wants to jointly submit a nomination, please choose a lead author for the main form and put secondary names and email addresses in the free text before your personal testimony,

The winner will be chosen based on the impact they have had, not the number of nominations received. It will be decided by the committee of London Leathermen ahead of the show.


LONDON BOOTBLACK OF THE YEAR will be awarded for the best display of technical prowess and Michelin-star service. We are excited to have IMBB himself, Alistair LeatherHiraeth, cast his perfectionist eye over the work of the other UK bootblacks and help share best practice.

Sign up here: