Joining the Club

At London Leathermen, we’re not trying to build the biggest club. We’re trying to build a club of likeminded people where fellowship and connection matter most. We are custodians of a club that has stood since decriminalisation, and our job is to ensure it will stand for another 50 years and beyond.

We welcome new members with a nomination from an established member. This allows us time to get to know people and help people see for themselves what we are trying to build and maintain before committing to being a part of that.

Everyone is welcome to add themselves to the supporters mailing list, and are welcome at all public club events.

If you’re new to the leather scene, or new to London – welcome! Come to our events, let us get to know you and if a member thinks you’re a good fit, you’ll be welcome to join us. This may not be the first time we meet you, but as we get to know you we’ll be more than happy to bring you in.

We do not discriminate based on race, age, body shape, physical mobility, whether you identify as Gay, Bi, Pan, Ace or Queer. We are an explicitly Trans inclusive club. We are a men’s social club and so we only accept members who identify or predominantly present as male.

We are willing to listen and learn if we find our membership policy indirectly discriminates against any protected characteristic – please feel free to get in touch.

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This form is to allow new paid up members to submit their details. Please do not fill out this form unless you have already joined the club at an event. You should include the name of the member who is nominating you – they must have been a club member since the last club AGM.