The return of London Leather Weekend

14/10/22 – 16/10/22

London Leathermen is proud to announce the return of LONDON LEATHER WEEKEND.

For decades the third weekend of October was celebrated as the anniversary of the founding of our club. London Leather Weekend was a focal point of the international Leather calendar and it is our intention to regain that place and in so doing, provide a weekend of fun for the entire fetish community starting in 2022.

On Saturday 15th October we are glad to host the new TITLE TRIAD at the RVT, featuring MISTER LONDON LEATHER, a high energy pageant where you can rock your leather bolero on the catwalk, the return of the historic CHRISTIAN HOFFMAN AWARD for exemplary service to the leather community and we will award the LONDON BOOTBLACK OF THE YEAR for the best display of technical prowess and michelin-star service from our dedicated team of bootblacks.

In the evening, the prestigious Anniversary meal allows you to raise a glass (and release a step on your belt buckle) or alternatively you can puff up to the CIGAR SOCIAL or dance the night away in London’s famous clubs.

Join us for a tour of QUEER BRITAIN museum followed by BRUNCH on Sunday before the GEAR SOCIAL rounds out the weekend and eases you home in time to sleep it off and get back to civilisation on Monday!

All events apart from meals are free to join but spaces were limited for the dinner (sold out), the Museum tour (sold out) and the Brunch (sold out).

4 thoughts on “The return of London Leather Weekend

  1. Hi
    Can I ask what time is this event at the RVT and is there another venue hosting Saturday and Sunday events ?

    1. Hi Ian,
      The RVT event starts at 1pm and the post has been updated with full agenda and details of everything going on over the weekend.


  2. I’ve not got a great deal of leather and just thinking about the weather is there heating. Actually not to worry as long as there is beer.

    1. Hi David,
      Our dresscode is: at least one item of visible gear (leather, rubber, uniform, lycra). All we want is an effort to make sure we protect our purpose as a fetish club.
      And we’re getting up to 200 Leathermen together in a pub. Heating should not be an issue, nor is beer availability!

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