Presidential Stepdown Statement

It has been a great honour to serve as your President (again) for the last 3 years. I thank you for letting me do it. With Covid restricting what we like to do for the last 2 years it has been a strange time and I hope now we are finally over that chapter in our lives.

I stand down at midnight on the 19/20th March 2022 probably for the last time and the club will see a shift from being run my generation to a group of guys half my age. I have great confidence that they will respect the values and some traditions of the club whilst bringing a more up-to-date structure to guide the club forward for many more years to come. So we will see a number of changes, the first of which is our involvement in the new Gear Social – an event open to anyone who likes macho fetish clothing held at the Wellington Pub Upstairs. We hope this will become a regular on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 6pm.

I first became President of the club, now in its 49th year, in 1996 following the death of our President Del Collins. After 3 years the President has to stand down but I again was President in about 2005. My last 3 years means I have been President for part of 4 different decades. An achievement I am very proud of.

Back in 1996 there were more than 15 MSC type clubs in the UK, sadly we are the only one still surviving in its original form (with only a change of name). Manchester Leathermen absorbed Manchester Superchain so have kept some of their history alive. What does still exist from those clubs is a large number of rewarding personal friendships and a fascinating archive of photos and memorabilia held in the Bishopsgate Institute. It’s always worth a visit. The UK now has two relatively new ECMC Clubs and there are other club forming up and down the country which we look forward to getting to know.

I hope to continue to be very much involved with the club for as long as I can and hope to see all the friends I have made in the club for many years to come.
– John

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