Leather Social/48th. Birthday.

It’s that time again: the First Sunday of the month and Leather Social on Zoom! You know the format, details below on another posting.

The other bit of news, from our President:

Dear Members and friends
I hope you are all well and managing with this endless Lockdown. Many of you have told me that they have had the first vaccine and now we are just waiting for news of the 2nd dose.

It is already March and we should be gearing up for our normal AGM. As many of you will have realised now than the Government has published its roadmap even our revised May date will mean we are restricted to at best 6 people indoors.
After much debate the Committee have decide to postpone the AGM right back to October 16th – our Birthday weekend. It has been registered as our ECMC event for 2021.  There is still so much uncertainty around we thought it better to put it right back. 

We do plan to get together with as many members as possible when we can but feel that it is safer to plan outdoor events. The weekend inMay (22/23rd) when we hoped to do the AGM has been pencilled in as the first date to meet up for a picnic in Finsbury Circus as we did so successfully last August. We can only confirm this much nearer the time but with a simple event like that its easy to change at short notice taking into account the regulations and weather.
Any members who have ideas and suggestion for other outdoor gatherings we can try in the 3rd quarter please let us know.

Take care.

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